Get incoming text message by configuring webhook endpoints.

Message scheduling

Do you need to deliver messages at a specific time? No problem. Our system would allow to plan specific messages on a specific date.

API Endpoints

Our API was designed to be extremely easy, you can click link above.

Sending With Number

As per now, Telegram Bot can't send any message if the user send a message first. With our service, you can send any type of messages with user number.

How It Works

Pair your device

After register, you can login to dashboard and pair the device with our system. Fill your number and after you receive OTP to your Telegram or SMS, fill that OTP to our dashboard. Vice Versa, you can use this API.

Send your first message

You can send messages from the Web Dashboard or by using the API. You can send a text, image or photo and document. If you can't send a message please contact us.